April 18, 2012
Our cooking soup TM "Russian Product" won first place!

Our cooking soup TM

August 6, 2009 g in the television show "test purchases" choose the best chicken soup in a bag with pasta.

In the fight for first place was attended by the following companies products:

  1. «Podravka»
  2. «Russian product»
  3. «Knorr»
  4. «Gallina Blanca»
  5. «Maggi»

April 18, 2012
Everyone's favorite holiday - the Day of the village Detchino!

Everyone's favorite holiday - the Day of the village Detchino!

Last Saturday was the annual event on the Day of the village Detchino.
In this village is one of our plants Zoku, and many villagers are working on it.
We are pleased to have come from Moscow to congratulate the staff and the rest of Zoku detchintsev the holiday.

April 18, 2012
Ukraine and the EU in Brussels today initialed an Association Agreement

Open letter of Ukrainian experts on European integration over the publication of the text of the Agreement made ​​public at a press conference in Kyiv on Friday. "The agreement must be available for review and discussion by experts after the completion of the preliminary voting Ukrainian-and English-language version of the document, that is, long before the official ceremony and the signing" - says the open letter of Ukrainian experts